An gameplay of Luxor
Game Luxor
Developer MumboJumbo
Designer Scott Hansen
Platforms PC, Mac
Genre Tile-matching
Release Date May 15, 2005
Luxor is a game and series of tile-matching action puzzle video games, developed by MumboJumbo, with the initial release in 15th May 2005. It's a first game of Luxor game series. 

Luxor is very similar to the games Marble Lines, Puzz Loop, and ZumaDuring gameplay, the on-screen spheres continuously move forward, pushed themselves by additional small scarabs. If any sphere reaches the player's pyramid, he or she loses a life and is forced to restart the level. If the player succeeds in eliminating a certain number of spheres without this occurring, new spheres cease to arrive and the level can be completed by removing those which remain.

Luxor is available in HD in PC and Android.

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