Pool of the Lotus Blossom is a map that appears in Luxor, Luxor: The Wrath of Set, and Luxor HD. It is the third map in the original series.


In Luxor, the pool part of the map has five fish depicted. The woman is seen on the green land along with seagulls and plants. Below the pool, you can see the waves on the land, which ironically isn't blue.

In Luxor HD, the pool was revamped. It was made into a real-like clear water where the reflection of spheres is visible while it is being moved. The fish were replaced by lily pads. The woman, plants and seagulls remained in their own places since then, although it was added more plants. This version of the map resembles Wallow of the Hippo God from Luxor 2.


Luxor and Luxor HD


  • According to some sources, it is somewhat named as Pool of the Lotus Bloom.